Is there really only one week left before Ghosts of Gotham is unleashed upon the world? Yes, yes there is. I’m just the tiniest bit anxious. My insomnia is going to have insomnia. The week after that I’ll be headed up to NYC to hopefully garner more inspiration for the sequel-in-progress (and I’ll be snapping some photos of a few real-life locations from the book for y’all to see.)

In the meantime, I’ve started giving my clunky and overstuffed website a much-needed overhaul. It’s been stripped down to its bare utilitarian bones — I need to prettify it, get some art on there and mess with the color scheme — but the reading order page has been fully updated with a new section clarifying my fictional settings.

(Long story short, all the Daniel Faust and Faust-adjacent series are in the First Story continuity, while Gotham and its followups are in the new, unconnected Secret History universe. And as for the Charlie McCabe books…well, that’ll be a challenge for sharp-eyed readers to figure out sometime next year.)

I’ve also shamelessly stolen an idea from Brandon Sanderson’s website and added a new section to my main page: a current projects list, showing exactly what I’m working on and the status of each manuscript as it goes through the developmental process. So from now on, if you’re ever wondering what’s happening with a particular book, you can find out at a glance.

And now it’s a beautiful, bleak and rainy day, the coffeemaker is ready to yield up a second cup of Writer Juice, and I’d better get back to work. See you next week!

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