It’s been way, way, WAY too long a wait, but I’m thrilled to announce that Bring the Fire, the final book of the Wisdom’s Grave trilogy, is now available as an audiobook! It’s narrated, as always, by the phenomenal Susannah Jones. Again, my apologies for the wait on this one; it was actually done months ago, but near as I can tell it slipped into some kind of holding queue on Audible from which there was no escape. Customer service finally tracked down the glitch, and here we are!

Meanwhile, Ghosts of Gotham has been out for a little over two weeks now and I’m so thrilled at how well it’s been received. I took a chance with a slightly new direction, and while that’s always worthwhile from an artistic standpoint, it’s even better when that risk works out for the best. Right now I’m hard at work on my second attempt at a follow-up (after throwing out the first try), and I think the story is just right this time. We shall see! All my thanks and love for your support.

(And of course, the new Harmony Black novel is done and the new Daniel Faust is in editing. I'm just looking for a date to release them in that doesn't step on my publishers' toes, but they're both coming soon.)